Penetration Testing is the process of identifying vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and help protect you or your organization from outside and inside attacks.

Vulnerabilities are software bugs and network mis-configurations that could be exploited by hackers or malicious software to gain access to your network and sensitive information.

This service can be conducted on your internal network, cloud servers and applications, websites, web applications and endpoint devices.

Every organization with sensitive data and critical services needs to assess it’s security at least once a year, identify the weak spots that could be exploited and take measures to fix them.
The process will start with a meeting with your technical department to collect information about your environment and user base, after that a reconnaissance phase will be conducted using state of the art tools and custom built applications, which will enumerate the vulnerabilities, following a simulated and real time attacks that will be a proof of concept, finally a report will be generated with the details of those vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Billing for such service depends on the target, whether it is a server, a web application, or an entire infrastructure.