Cloud Migration is the process of migrating your on premises servers and data to a shared or dedicated server in the cloud, usually residing in a specialized highly available data centers.

These projects are becoming increasingly common in small, medium and large companies due to the significant reduction in hardware cost and IT maintenance.

Hosting an application on your premises requires the purchase of a physical server and it’s respective licenses, acquiring a maintenance level agreement to provide hardware support for this server, and another agreement to provide IT support services for the applications, proper network setup, redundant power sources, backups, and constant monitoring among other important things.

Having your server in the cloud already includes most of these requirement and insures your services are and will continue to run smoothly in the feature, and grow as your business grows.

Cloud Migrations are evaluated on a project basis level, where each server or application will be thoroughly analyzed to determine whether it is feasible to be access over the Internet or not, as some services are recommended to reside on your premises, for example Domain Services, File Servers with big file sizes, etc .. 

After that we determine the best dedicated server package and it’s minimum requirements and start planing the migration.
Dedicated and Shared Servers includes weekly security patches, DDoS protection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, Firewalls, Anti-Virus and scheduled backups and maintenance services.

Billing for Cloud Migrations depends on the resources required by your application and the time needed for the migration.

Service cost for the migration is a 1 time fee, determined during the planning. 
Dedicated Server cost will be a monthly fee depending on the resources required for the application.