IT Consultancy services is were I provide help and insights related to any part of your IT infrastructure.

It is a great benefit for organizations to outsource professional consultancy services for any kind of project, as they tend to be objective, not inclined to any particular product or vendor that your current IT service provider might.
Proper consultancy services reduces cost significantly, and help your organization understand latest technologies, the difference between them and how they can fit and be effective in your organization.

The process depends on whether it is a new infrastructure or a pre-existing one, in both cases it requires deep analyses of your business, identifying applications used, employees technical level, type of data and services needed, to be able to present the best solution that includes the choice of hardware, software and the amount of IT support needed to meet organizational goals and maintain a healthy workflow.

This can include some or all of the below:
Complete Network Topology, plan, design and configuration best practices.
VoIP solutions, based on Cisco and Asterisk.
Servers and Storages, Clusters, SAN and NAS deployments.
Edge and Internet Security, Firewalls, Internal Security Policies, Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems, Authentication Authorization and Accounting systems, Burglar and Fire Alarms.
QOS, Traffic Shaping, Cache Servers.
Monitoring And Logging of servers, services and users across your network.
Application Servers best practices, backups, redundancy, fail-over and disaster recovery scenarios.
Endpoints Security, Backups, Applications and Operating System Deployments.

Billing for such services depends on the complexity of the project and the various parts that construct it. 

The hardest part for you or your organization is to find the right consultant, with the proper experience and expertise to understand your business and its objectives and be able to deliver the right consultancy services, this is why the first hour of every project will be Free of Charge.