Infrastructure Assessment is the process of analyzing and assessing your IT infrastructure based on international standards and best practices, make sure it is aligned with, and properly serve your organizational goals and objectives.

The process involves a site survey at your premises, understanding the network topology, server infrastructure, end user applications and wired/wireless communication between endpoint devices and servers.

This will help your organization and IT department or personnel better understand your environment from the inside out, see where every piece of hardware and software fits together and what part each of them play in your daily business operations, as well as help you understand licensing for various services provided in the market to make sure you are not over-charged or paying for services that are not being used.

Every organization needs to have a similar assessment at least once a year, to make sure all softwares and systems are up to date, patched with the latest security updates, still being supported by an authorized vendor and is still efficient and effective.

The process will also generate a detailed report, that includes a diagram explaining how everything is connected and graphically showing the data flow, a written documentation series tailored for your business, outlining the best practices of securely and efficiently using your organizational resources, and providing some level of awareness that will protect your employees from fishing, scamming and social engineering attacks, finally a detailed technical report that will be helpful for your IT department, highlighting the possible misconfiguration or bugs in your environment and what type of solutions exists in the market to cost affectively address them.

Billing for such services depends on the size of your infrastructure and how many employees.

Starting cost for this service is 300$ , with estimation of a small-size organization with up to 50 employees.