Parental Control solution is designed especially for home and home offices, it will give you the capabilities to control Internet access on a per-device basis, and protect yourself and your children from the openness of the Internet.

There are several parental control apps that exists in the market Today, however they are not easy to manage and maintain, and needs to be installed and configured separately on each device, making it a complex and time consuming process.

With this solution you will have a dedicated machine where you can set the rules once, and apply them on any number of devices or group of devices.

Some of the things you can do with Parental Control:
Restrict specific applications or websites from accessing the Internet ( Whatsapp, facebook, etc ... ).
Set a predefined schedule where these apps and websites can be accessed and from which devices.
Multiple Wifi support, Guest Wifi, Main Wifi, Children’s Wifi, Maid Wifi, and set rules and bandwidth for each.
Enable and disable predefined rules based on the Genre, on specific devices, like your child's iPAD or Laptop ( Gaming, Adult, Violence, Social Media, etc ... ), you do not have to know the website, just enable the Genre and it will be blocked automatically.
Set predefined Internet bandwidth and limit, so if someone watching Netflix will not eat all the bandwidth in the house.
Bypass rules for specific devices.
And Many more ...

When you purchase Parental Control you will get a dedicated machine the size of your Internet router, it will be connected to your router and configured as the primary gateway for all your devices.

You will login to the system and start adding devices ( iPADs, Computers, TV's, Phones, etc ... ) , assigning these devices to groups, and create rules and conditions for these groups.

Installation, Configuration and Training will be done Free Of Charge.

This solution cost $500, it's a 1 time fee that includes initial installation and configuration, remote support, security updates and complete warranty on hardware failure for 1 year.

Renewals will cost you additional $300 per year.