Backup is the most critical and important aspect of every business that uses any sort of data, no matter how High-End and reliable your storage is, this is a must have solution.

Whether personal backup, bulk data backups, Servers Backups, Websites Backup, Email Backup or Application level backups, Complete Backup solution is designed to be scalable and support any scenario, from end user to the servers, storages and network equipments.

As a benefit, this backup solution is replicated to an off-site storage that will act as DR in-case of any hardware or software failure on your premises.

Complete Backup solution consist of 4 parts, the software ( Veeam, with custom tools and scripts ), 2 custom built data storages, one on your premises and the other in a remote and highly available data-center acting as an off-site backup storage, and a VPN gateway that will securely connect all parts together.

All data on both ends will be encrypted, along with the VPN tunnel that connects to the off-site storage.

The storage capacity and backup schedule will be determined after a survey, where all technical details will be discussed.

Billing for Complete Backup is a monthly subscription and depends only on the amount of data you need to backup!

All 4 parts constructing this solution will be delivered, installed and maintained Free Of Charge and under a predefined contract.

You will not have to buy any hardware or replace any disk!